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      CIHIE 2020 Is Moved to August 4-6 !

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      Since the COVID-19 outbreak, CIHIE 2020 Organizing Committee has kept a close watch on its development, as well as related policies worldwide in order to make sound and scientific assessment of the situation in time. 
      In light of the recent pandemic and the increasing uncertainties in overseas travel,in order to avoid massive gathering, stop the spread of the virus, safeguard the health and safety of ourshow attendees,and ensure the best exhibition result,CIHIE 2020 has come to difficult decision of changing the date of the upcoming event after a long discussion. 
      Originally slated for May 11-13,the event is now moved to August 4-6.
      We apologize for any inconvenience brought by this change,yet we believe this is the most responsible and reasonable action to take for both our clients and the society.We sincerely appreciate your understanding and constant support. CIHIE 2020  is always here with you through these challenging times. We wish you,your families and loved ones to ben in good health!
      Please mark the date and venue on your schedule as follows,thanks!
      China Int'l Integrated Housing Industry & Building Industrialization Expo (CIHIE 2020)
      Date:August 4-6, 2020
      Venue:China Import & Export Fair Complex

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